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                Welcome To Ningbo Shimaotong International Trade Service Platform
                China Ningbo Ruyi Joint Stock CO.,LTD.

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                  Telephone:   86-571-85126023

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                  City:   Ningbo

                  Province:   Zhejiang

                  Country/Region:   China




                Product Name:Manual Lift Table P150

                Product categories: MachineryEquipment

                Product   Details


                Scissor Lift Table


                • Valuable material handling equipment for use as a feeding table on assembly line.
                • Structural heavy duty steel construction.
                • Easy action foot operated hydraulic lift for raising table top to desired level.
                • Hand operated table descent control.
                • Over load by pass valve protects operator and pump.

                  Main specifications:
                   MODEL   SP150
                   Capacity  kg 150
                   Max. lift height  h12(mm) 740
                   Min. height of table  h13(mm) 225
                   Lifting height  h3(mm) 515
                   Table size  lxb5xs(mm) 740x450x35
                   Total height  h14(mm) 935
                   Overall length  l1(mm) 830
                   Foot pedal cycles to max height   ≤25
                   Wheel diameter  d(mm) 100
                   Qty. / 20' Container  PCS 192
                   Service weight  kg 44
                   Carton size  mm 880x480x265